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Entrepreneurs and Self-employment Support program

RBG Smart Future Programme supports young entrepreneurs with smart and innovative ideas.

There are significant number of students and youth in India who have valuable entrepreneurial ideas which do not germinate and  grow to completion, for want of necessary environment and support.

Under the Smart Future Programme we provide assistance in the following 3 stages of business start-ups.


Stage 1 – Ideation Stage

In Ideation stage we support in the process of generating , exploring and evaluating new business ideas that can give the business proposed by the young entrepreneur a competitive advantage. Our team formed for the evaluation of the ideas will interview each entrepreneur and analyse the business potential and feasibility.

Stage 2 – Team and Company formation

Team formation is the key for an entrepreneur in commencing his journey before starting his own company. Team should ideally have a mix of co-founders with complementary skill sets. Having complementary set of experience is very important for a well-rounded team from the very inception. We shall help the team to register it as Private Limited Company /Limited liability Partnership (LLP)/ Partnership of any legally recognized entity. Will also provide support to understand and in complying to various direct and indirect tax laws.

Stage 3 – Prototype development and Business Operation take off

We shall support the start up in terms of Training, Marketing Tie-ups, Website & IT support, Fund mobilization and implementation of the project.